About Sokrates System

Sokrates System is a web-based application that aims at bringing total quality of education management by ensuring an efficient way of day-to-day school operations. With a self-service model, Sokrates System covers most of school management needs through its systematic features.

Developed by School of Information System BINUS University, Sokrates System helps to provide a better management system to three important stakeholders of every school : Parents, Students, and Teachers. Frequent parents-teacher communication, variations of learning experiences for students, and simplified teaching methodology become the main-point of Sokrates System service.

To sum, Sokrates System helps to boosts school operations and management needs with:

  • Instant (real time) data retrieval
  • Efficient functioning of day to day operations: minimum risk of losing files and minimum space occupied for filing
  • Optimum time consumption due to accurate and reliable data
  • Smooth change management and increase team collaboration
  • Student information management and performance analysis
  • Employees attendance analysis
  • Minimum redundant inputs for Indonesian Ministry
  • Asset management